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Structured Growth Consulting is now part of CEO Boot Camp!

The backstory is this. I’ve been coaching and consulting with business owners since 1994 under the brand CEO Boot Camp. In 2015, I worked with Mike Annichine (whose background overlapped with mine in many ways) to develop a practice management program specifically for Financial Advisors. It went well and Mike was the best business partner I ever had. We called it Structured Growth Consulting.

Alas for me (great for him) a terrific opportunity came Mike’s way and he is now the CEO of The Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation here in Pittsburgh. Rather than keep the brands separate since I was on my own again I decided to roll the brands together. There’s more here than there was on the old site anyway, so look around and if I can help feel free to reach out.

If you’re a Financial Advisor – or run any company in scale-up mode and need some help, give me a shout.



John Seiffer - Business Advisor