Do Not Hire Me If …

…your first question is “What’s Your Fee?”

Your first question should be whether I can help you achieve your goals. If I can’t help, then any fee is too high. (Thanks to Less Antman from whom I stole this line). Only you know what your goals are worth. When it’s time to discuss my fee, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it. But value, not cost should come first.

Having said that you do want to know what it costs. I work on a project basis – not by the hour or the day. Projects cost between the thousands and tens of thousands. You should not hire me if we can’t see that the project will return at least three times what you pay me. On the other hand, if I were selling $100 bills for thirty bucks, how many would you buy?

…you’re not willing to change how you work.

If we work together, I’m going to ask you what you currently do that you’re willing to stop doing. Some of those things need to be done, but not by you. And some don’t need to be done at all. Plus I’m going to request that you start doing some things you’re not doing. It’s like Einstein said about insanity. 

…you expect me to fix in 20 minutes what took years to break.

That’s not what Boot Camp is for. Like the military exercise of the same name, It’s an intense, focused time devoted to changing how you operate. Obviously, you can’t get away for weeks to go to training camp – you’ve got a company to run. So I’ve adapted ways to help you and your team improve your abilities while keeping the company going. The point is to improve your CEO Skills, not to have me to the work for you.

…you think no one else can do your job.

If that’s true then you’re an artist, not a business owner. And most artists don’t make money till after they’re dead. Part of the Boot Camp process involves capturing the wisdom, experience, and intuition from the best people and disbursing them throughout the organization. That’s how quality organizations scale.

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