Company Self-Assessment

This assessment follows the structure of what we cover in Boot Camp, though in a lot less detail.

SCORE each section according to the following scale:

  • 0 – We have no system for this – when it happens it happens by chance.
  • 1 – When this happens, it’s the result of individual effort – often heroic.
  • 2 – We have a system in place to repeat earlier successes with similar goals.
  • 3 – The process is documented and standardized so there’s a way to train others to do it well.
  • 4 – The process is “measured and controlled” allowing predictability while in process, and correction of problems before a job is done.
  • 5 – There is deliberate (and often continuous) improvement and optimization of this process.
GOALS & VISION  Score _______

Myself and my investors or partners know what we want FROM the business. This includes income, exit strategy, time we want to work (and time off), legacy we want to leave etc. And we have a clear vision FOR the business. This includes what we do best, where we are headed, and why the company exists.

STRATEGY Score _______
We review and adapt our strategy as needed. 
TEAM Score _______
I have the right team (inside the business) and strategic relationships (outside the business) to help me achieve our vision and accomplish my goals. 
MY ROLE Score _______
I know my skills and plan my time to do what I’m best at and delegate the rest.
CUSTOMERS Score _______
We know who our ideal customer is, and do not work with people who don’t fit that profile.
PRODUCTION Score _______
We have a clear understanding of what customers want to pay for, and how to provide that value profitably.
SALES Score _______
We have a defined, measurable and repeatable process for qualifying leads, turning leads into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into loyal customers.
PEOPLE Score _______
Everyone knows what it takes for them to do a good job – and their boss agrees. Managers see their job as helping others work smarter.
HIRING Score _______
We know who our next 3 strategic hires are even before we need them, and have a plan to find the best people. 
FINANCES Score _______
We often get insight from analysis of our finances that helps with management tasks.
DECISIONS Score _______
Decisions are made consistently because the right information is available to all involved when a decision has to be made. 
SUPPORT Score _______
We have good administrative support which keeps things from falling through the cracks.
We pay appropriate attention to what’s changing outside the company: technology, competition, regulations, and the like.
We regularly review and adapt our organizational structure, pricing, product mix, and growth strategy to stay on top of our game. 

How to rate your company.

Most companies that are frustrated in their growth have a lot of systems with a score of 0 or 1. But here’s a surprise – all 5s is not always the best score. The best score depends on your goals and the stage of your company. For some systems, in some companies, level 2 is good enough. For others level 5 is critical.
That’s where Boot Camp comes in. After we determine your goals, we’ll assess all the systems in your company according to this ranking. Then together we’ll be able to see which ones you should upgrade in what order to accomplish your goals.
If that sounds good to you, the read the REASONS NOT TO HIRE ME.