Want to Grow Your Company With No Outside Funding?

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Join with others learning to do the same. Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

Your Goals

Goals are not wishes or fantasy. Properly structured goals help you make better business decisions. In the boot camp you’ll set personal goals (what you want from your company) as well as business goals (what you want for your company). You’ll do them in a format that you can use to build the kind of company you want. 


Business Model

The Business Model is how you make money by providing value to your customers. You’ll learn how to discover a profitable business model, then test and measure your performance against it.


Sales process

Every buyer makes a journey from knowing nothing about your company to paying you for something they want. There are patterns in this journey that apply to every business, but by learning the specific details that apply to your customers and their exact journeys you can improve your sales conversions, lower the cost of acquiring a customer and be able to train and manage a sales force of other people. 

Finances and Investment

Money is the lifeblood of every business, but accounting is like a foreign language. You’ll learn how to track your numbers and get insights from them that help you make better management decisions. Also, some bootstrapping companies do take investment down the road. You’ll learn if this is right for your company and how to prepare. 


Time Management 

You won’t learn time management, because you can’t manage time. You can only manage what you do with the 24 hour limitation faced by us all. We’ll cover the 80/20 rule, structured procrastination and learn to accomplish more (often by doing less yourself).


Hiring, Management, and Leadership

Management is easy except for the part about people. You’ll learn how to attract and keep the kind of people you need to grow your company. You’ll also learn how to delegate and manage them. We’ll cover the differences between management and leadership including when to use each and how to develop skills in both. 

Who is this boot camp for?

  • Companies that have a product already in the market (or VERY close), not just an idea.
  • People who want to grow their companies without taking outside investment at this time. 
  • Co-founders should attend together as a team. 
  • You may attend if you still have a day job – as long as you are able to give substantial time between sessions to working in and on your company. 

What to Expect

  • We’ll meet for 3 1/2 hours every 2 weeks for 5 sessions.  The actual schedule will be based on what works for all participants.
  • Each session will cover information about one or more topics. Then we’ll be discussing how that knowledge can be applied in your company. We’re focusing on improving what you do not just what you know.  
  • Each session will end with an action plan that you’ll create and attempt to implement in your company between sessions.
  • You’ll share with the group your action plan at the end of each session, and share how you did implementing it at the start of the next session.
  • You will not be expected to share any proprietary information, trade secrets or the like. 
  • There may be extra reading or videos assigned, but these will be optional. The only requirement between sessions is to apply the learning in your company and be prepared to share how it’s going – good and bad.


Sign up Process

Apply on-line at http://bit.ly/BootStrapCamp. I’ll get in touch to schedule an interview.

 The class is limited to 8 companies.

Questions? Call me, John Seiffer at 203-775-6676 or email john@CEOBootCamp.com