Should you take VC?

Asking “Should you take VC?” is like asking “Should you play in the NBA?”The answer is NO. Of course the answer isn’t no for everyone. But both of these options only make sense for very, very, very, few people. The idea that VC money isn’t automatically the way for a startup to succeed is starting… Continue Reading

I’m Still Here!

You may notice I haven’t written a blog post in a while. That’s because in November 2014 my wife and I moved to Pittsburgh. I’ve had to cut back on blogging because there’s so much other fun stuff to do in Pittsburgh including renovations to our house that was build in 1901 and something had to… Continue Reading

Mission? Critical!

It’s critical that a company have a mission. Having a mission STATEMENT? Not so much. A mission is the reason that a company exists. It doesn’t have to be worthy of a nobel prize. “We make the best damn pizza in town!” is an acceptable mission. The problem comes when companies try to encapsulate their… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Mentor Whiplash

If you’re an entrepreneur in any incubator or accelerator you’ve probably got access to a mentor — or several. And there’s the problem. More often than you think, different mentors will give you conflicting advice about what to do. Who’s right? They could all be right. Mentors generally speak from their experience and what they tell you… Continue Reading

How to Go On Vacation

Why? The first question (always – about almost anything) to ask is why do it at all? Presumably you’ll enjoy a vacation for personal reasons. Your business should be in service to your life, not the other way round. But there are business reasons to take a break. They include rejuvinating your energy, getting a… Continue Reading

Everything Search Engine

File under: Software I Can NOT Live Without How much time have you wasted looking for files on your PC? If it’s more than a minute, stop what you’re doing and go to and get a copy of the Everything Search Engine. Sorry Mac users, it only works on Windows machines. And it’s FREE!… Continue Reading

What’s Your Water?

They tell the story of two young fish who were swimming up the stream one morning when an old fish came swimming by. “Good morning fellas,” said the old fish, “How’s the water?” and he swam off. One of the young fish looked at the other and said “What’s water?” As a CEO, your water… Continue Reading

Response to Michael Sharkey on 6 things wrong with Lean Startup

In response to  I find that most critiques of “Lean Startup” are actually critiques that don’t understand what Lean Startup really is OR critiques of what people do when they misinterpret what Lean Startup really means. My biggest critique is that Eric Ries did a lousy job of naming his concepts – he picked names… Continue Reading

How Mature are Your Processes?

  The Capability Maturity Model was developed to rate the maturity of a process for software development. It was funded by the US Department of Defense and written by Carnegie Mellon University in the early 1990s. I’ve adapted it to apply to any process in your company: Your sales process Your production processes Your hiring… Continue Reading