The CEO is like the orchestra conductorConsider the CEO as the conductor of the orchestra. What are you doing up there waving your arms? You’re not making any music.

What you’re doing is listening. You’re hearing all the different sections and how loud and how fast they are. You’re coordinating them to be in tune with each other and in sync with what you know in your head (and heart) the music should sound like.

CEO Tools let you coordinate various departmentsThat’s what a CEO does with a business. Except that instead of sections of violins, and trumpets your sections are employees or departments.

The CEO Boot Camp will show you best practices from growing companies that  you can apply to each of the “sections” of your company.

I’ve color coded the sections like this:

  • Blue is Owner focused:  leadership, top management and you – your skills and goals.
  • Yellow is Customer focused: making something they value and finding and selling to them.
  • Green is Company focused: managing people, money, decisions, and the like.
  • Red is Future focused: what changes are happening external to the company, and how you’ll make changes internally to capitalize on them.

What we do in a CEO Boot Camp is spend one session on each of the sections. You’ll learn about that section so you can be proactive to grow your company. You’ll learn how to adapt those concepts to your specific goals and your situation. Plus you’ll develop an action plan of how to apply what you’ve learned.

All this is done with a group of other CEOs committed to growing their companies too. The support of the group plus multiple perspectives (not to mention a bit of competitive camaraderie) improves your ability to run your company better.